Trust: Belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of [yourself, your team, your coach]

  • Optimism
    • I believe that hard work improves my performance
    • I think of ways that I can improve something that isn’t going well
    • I believe that all of the adults at Baychester are rooting for me and want me to succeed
  • Social/emotional intelligence
    • I listen, really listen, to students, parents, coaches, peer leaders and colleagues
    • I get to know parents and involve them effectively
    • I develop individualized ways to acknowledge students in the class
    • I make students and parents feel like valued partners in the educational process


Try: An effort to accomplish something

  • Self-control  
    • I show up to work on time (ready to be in front of students by 8:15) and prepared
    • I respond to a disruptive student thoughtfully and empathetically, rather than reflexively
    • I model the behaviors I want to see in students, consistently, throughout the school day
  • Zest
    • I plan extra joy into lessons and routines
    • I participate enthusiastically in professional development and meetings


Train: Undertake a course of practice & instruction to prepare for a specific event

  • Grit
    • I voraciously seek and implement feedback on my classroom practice
    • I strive every day to do one small thing better than I did it yesterday
    • I do not let students and other teachers quit on hard days
    • I finish what I start
    • I wholeheartedly attempt an idea, strategy or practice that is suggested by school leaders, coaches, peer leaders or colleagues.


Thank: expression of appreciation (especially verbally)

  • Gratitude
    • I recognize what others do for me
    • I regularly say “thank you”
    • I compliment students, parents, administrators, coaches, peer leaders and colleagues when they’ve gone the extra mile